Patient acceptance through
efficient treatment concepts

If your strategy is to grow your dental practice and offer state-of-the-art immediate treatment concepts to your patients, then this 2-day online symposium with renowned international experts will be the right springboard for you to dive into the world of immediacy.

Your daily challenge

Nowadays, patients expect reliable, predictable, and personalized treatment options, but also solutions to shorten the overall treatment time. Therefore, immediate protocols are becoming more and more popular, and validated as safe and acceptable treatment concepts. At the same time, the number of approaches, products and solutions is steadily growing and the world of dentistry is being heavily transformed by the process of digitalization at fast pace. All these trends create new opportunities by increasing precision and efficiency but they also impose the challenge of finding the right entry and solutions and to stay up to date. This symposium will help you to cut a path through the jungle!

What you can expect from this symposium

During this 2-day online symposium, you will have the opportunity to get a grasp of the “big picture” on immediacy solutions with valuable first-hand experience from world-renowned international speakers who will share, discuss, and highlight clinical advancements on immediacy concepts and present solutions for different reconstruction modalities. Moreover, special attention will also be given to effective patient communication and practice management.

The program

Start: 16:30 CET – Duration: 3hrs

Guillaume Daniellot, CEO Straumann Group Welcome speech
Eirik Salvesen, Norway Symposium opening
Stephen Chen, Australia Principles of immediate treatment
France Lambert, Belgium Immediate implant in the posterior zone
Tim Joda, Switzerland Digitalization of dental practices
All speakers Panel discussion and Q&A
Break (5 minutes)
Gabor Tepper, Austria Effective patient communication and treatment acceptance
Steven Bongard, Canada Introducing immediacy into your dental implant practice
Panel discussion/Q&A with speakers from the second session
Eirik Salvesen (Chair) Symposium closing

Start: 16:30 CET – Duration: 3hrs

Holger Haderer, Executive Vice President Marketing & Education at Straumann Group Welcome speech
Edmond Bedrossian, United States Session opening
Eirik Salvesen, Norway Achieving success with immediate implants
Algirdas Puišys, Lithuania Tissue preservation around immediate implants
Andrew Legg, United Kingdom Effective treatment concepts for edentulous patients
All speakers Panel discussion and Q&A
Break (5 minutes)
Maja Chmielewska, Poland How real is digital – a dive into immediacy
Abid Faqir, United Kingdom Smile in a box – the fully digital workflow concept designed for your practice
Panel discussion/Q&A with speakers from the second session
Edmond Bedrossian (Chair) Closing of day 2
Holger Haderer Farewell


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